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Greenco - 26th Agrotica

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Greenco’s participation in the 25th International Fair for Agricultural machinery, equipment and supplies ‘AGROTICA’ was once again impressive.

As always, GREENCO was present in one more event of agricultural interest, aiming to provide insights into technologies and research platforms towards promoting the evolution of Greek agriculture.

GREENCO’s presence was supported by AGRISCIENCELABORATORIES, a separate company supporting GREENCO on research topics related to propagating material, variety maintenance and development as well as seed production.

The participation of AGRISCIENCELABORATORIES has been AGROTICA’s special event, as it is probably the only private research center all over Balkans that runs a gene bank, creates new field crop varieties, maintains and breeds varieties and is further employed in seed production. All aforementioned activities are supported by our highly experienced scientific staff which is well appreciated all over Europe as well as by existing collaborations with the laboratories of Genetics and Plant Breeding at the Agricultural University of Athens, and the schools of Agriculture in Thessaloniki and Thessaly.

Furthermore, through GREENCO’s presence in AGROTICA, people employed in agriculture had the chance for the first time to get familiarized with ORANGE – LOGISTICS.

ORANGE – LOGISTICS is located in Ypato (Thebes) and deals with formulation and packaging of agrochemical products as well as seed treatment.

This year’s AGROTICA was characterized by a huge number of visitors and the continuously raising interest of young people that are currently employed or are willing to be employed in the agricultural sector.

In the field of plant nutrition and fertilization, GREENCO presented a complete set of products such as nitrogen fertilizers, sulphur ammonium phosphates, water soluble fertilizers, granular compound fertilizers and trace minerals that are fully capable of fulfilling the crops’ demand for nutrients. Furthermore, GREENCO presented its highly strategic collaboration with the SIRIAC group.

Visitors were also highly interested in Italpollina, Dix, Duetto etc. that constitute the organic fertilizer group of our company.

As far as seeds are concerned, besides the numerous well-known cotton varieties such as Hersi, Sandra, Andromeda etc., farmers were amazed by the presentation of new Alfalfa and diploid oat hybrids that have been for the first time presented in Greece.

The special award that GREENCO received from the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair and AGROTICA administrations, as well as the way agronomists and farmers embraced our presence, make us commit the we will strive hard in order to fulfil the expectations of Greek farmers by the next AGROTICA.

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