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Greenco owes its dynamic growth to the combination of scientific research and commercial activities in the field of reproductive material, emphasizing seed growth.

The commitment to research has been ongoing for thirty years, with the dedication to the development of purely Greek varieties of cotton, wheat, barley and many more, with remarkable results.

In order to preserve, improve and create new varieties that adapt perfectly to the soil and climate of Greece and also to Greek farmers’ practices, seed production centers of large plots are conducted during each season alongside pedigreefields.

Our most advanced quality control laboratories - with highly trained personnel and packaging units- in collaboration with universities and other research and development institutions are the basic reasons that place Greenco amongst the leading seed suppliers in Greece.

Following the company's dedication to research, in combination with the available scientific resources of our country, we continueto evolve our activities and methods in other areas of agricultural supplies (seeds, pesticides, fertilizers).




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